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The Colorado Judicial branch has provided its users with excellent self-help resources to better understand the terms of your case. You can learn everything from what legal forms are necessary for various situations, find self-represented litigation coordinators, unwrap court caseload statistics, and much more. Click the button below for this helpful resource.

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Utilize this helpful glossary of legal terms made possible by the Colorado Judicial Branch's Self Help page. Understanding the terms will help you understand your case and needs to your best capacity. 

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Click the button below to bring up a form to request court records/documents. The Clerk of Court can restrict access to court files or portions of court files by authority granted in the Colorado Revised Statutes/Rules, Supreme Court Rules, Chief Justice Directives, local administrative orders/directives, and any other applicable legal authorities. Suppressed cases, juvenile and probate records, or specific documents with confidential or protected information may require a U.S. government-issued photo ID. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the requested response will be provided within three business days.

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