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Wills & Estates

Wachsmann and Associates, P.C., can help you draft your Estate documents, including your Will, Living Will, Health Care Proxy, and Advanced Directives/Living Will, and explain the consequences. In this process, we can help you comply with the detailed requirements for a valid will, see that your property is distributed as you wish, and reduce any probate costs. The legal fees are usually well spent and often less than the added costs that would result from dying without a will. 


If you own any property–-such as a home, a car, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, retirement benefits, jewelry, clothing, household goods, etc.––you should have a will. A will allows you to distribute your property as you want with a minimum of costs. It is an opportunity to select a personal representative for your estate, a guardian for your children, establish trusts, and dispense with costly bonds. If you don't have a will, ask your lawyer about drafting one today. If someone has died, we can help with decisions as to whether documents need to be filed with the Court and which documents are needed, if any.

Wills & Estates


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