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With thirty plus years of experience, Wachsmann & Associates, P.C., is a trusted partner for your legal needs. Located conveniently near the Denver Tech Center, the firm specializes in a wide variety of legal practices ranging from bankruptcy to criminal law. Whether your matter is focused on a single issue or crosses disciplines, we always are keeping your goals and bottom line in mind. Wachsmann & Associates, P.C. is honored to serve multiple Legal Plan sponsors to present quality legal services at affordable rates while maintaining the high degree of customer service clients deserve. Find out how we can best serve you. Our firm strives to lead our profession by providing the highest level of service and loyalty to our clients.

30 + Years of Experience

Client Focused: 

your goals become ours.

Serving Legal Plans

Timely & Efficient



"John did an excellent job of efficiently handling our wills and power of attorney documents. We really appreciated his thorough explanations and clarity regarding our decisions. Additionally, the time he took after everything was signed to ensure that we make good decisions on where to place our wills and whom to notify was very much appreciated.

Robin Hurley

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